Leinster Productions


Bringing it to the Market

1. Release the video single

With this approach, you would premiere your song and we will promote is via our digital partners. These partners include, YouTube, iTunes, Worldwide Radio Stations and our Facebook page.

Video, of course, is one of the most sharable forms of online content, so if both the song and video are great, releasing the music this way can be a smart move — especially if you managed by Leinster Productions.

2. Release the radio single

Effective radio promotion can be pretty expensive, but if the song is right and Leinster Production’s experience, it might be worth the cost. When you release a radio single (think “hit song” usually between 2.5 — 4 minutes long), the idea is to create sustained exposure to the song over a short period of time. That’s what it takes to get a critical mass of people to take notice — repeated listens. Even if it’s a great song.

Don’t have the budget for a radio promoter, you can still make a dent going the DIY route.  Come and talk to us.

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