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Post-production, commonly referred to as mixing is the phase after tracking the recording when the artist is far less involved and it’s down to our team to define the sound of the audio. This will typically start with finalizing the arrangement via moving around audio files and cutting the instruments from the mix that are no longer necessary for the desired sound. After this the audio engineer will use effects like Compression or EQ to create the desired sound from each track within their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Our role in this is usually something more of an extra ear and guiding the audio engineer for the sound that people wants to hear. After this it is moved on to mastering, which is usually the end of the production role in the project. A mastering engineer makes the final adjustments to a recording (compression, levels, etc.) so that the song meets the professional standards of songs for radio airplay or CD release.

Bringing it to the Market

With this approach, you would premiere your song and we will promote is via our digital partners. These partners include, YouTube, iTunes, Worldwide Radio Stations and our Facebook page.

Video, of course, is one of the most sharable forms of online content, so if both the song and video are great, releasing the music this way can be a smart move — especially if you managed by Leinster Productions.

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