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Manisten’s Leinster

Manpreet Singh,  professionally known as Manisten, is an Indian rapper/lyricist and a music producer, residing in New Delhi. He is currently signed with the Delhi bred record label Artisttaan, a label in an exclusive partnership with Sony Music India.

Manisten started rapping in 2013 and has been producing music since 2016. He has worked with various artists like Vairry Baath, Be Vishal, Deep Poet, SkyPitch, KS Bunty, Harinder Dhanota, Smart – E, Luck, Lukka, Mr. Seven, to name a few.

He has his own studio in New Delhi and Hoshiarpur (Punjab) and carries out most of his there. He uses  FL Studio and Ableton.


Hardware used :

-Microphone : Warm Audio WA87

-Audio Interface : SSL 2

-Monitors : M Audio BX5D3

-Midi : Alesis V49, Arturia MiniLab

-Laptop : Asus ROG-Strix G531


Work as a music producer :

  1. Vairry Baath ‘Farmers Protest’
  2. Be Vishal ‘Jatt Chhed Laye’
  3. Smart-E ‘Baaghi Kirsaan’
  4. Harinder Dhanota ‘Saure Ghar’
  5. Be Vishal ‘Poison’
  6. Be Vishal ‘Far Away’
  7. KS Bunty ‘Delhi VS Swaraj’
  8. Vairry Baath ‘Pinda Wale Jatt’
  9. Luck ft. Manisten ‘Love Again’


Work as a rapper :


  1. Chahida Mennu Sab
  2. Different Opinion
  3. Congratulations
  4. Triggered
  5. Greatest
  6. Nevermind
  7. Return Gift
  8. This Is Your Chance
  9. Airplane Mode
  10. Love Again

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